'Old Skank' Davis

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Roger Davis was a skillful pharmacist spending half of his life working in the central apothecarty of Elry. Up until he was replaced by a young newcomer. Grieving deeply over the loss of a well-paid job, he nevertheless quickly came to his senses and found a new perspective application for his many talents - selling self-made drugs on the streets.

Things went tough at first, but after a while his cunning mind allowed Davis to not only provide his own financial welfare, but also establish a small network of dealers around the town. That's when he was noticed and approached by lord Serrano's men who offered him to perform his business in a more 'civilized' manner. Even though he agreed to make a deal, he was not so eager to uphold his part. And lord Serrano does not appreciate this kind of attitude.

When dealing damage, 'Old Skank' Davis makes hero deter 1 die from his hand.

When undefeated, 'Old Skank' Davis forces hero to travel to another location.

When 'Old Skank' Davis is defeated, hero may attempt to close current location.