1.02 Unexpected Visitor

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1.02 Unexpected Visitor
Close Call
Level: 1
Initial timer: 30
Dynamic locations: Regular
Reward: Improve Skill

While contemplating over our further course of actions, we were approached by Egmont Darius - a servant for the powerful local aristocrat. Apparently, his patron needs a bunch of no-names (such as ourselves) to search for certain people around town and notify Egmont of their whereabouts. The work should not be too hard and promises a good payout, so what are we waiting for?


New day breaks, providing us with new surprising opportunities.

While having humble breakfast downstairs at the cantina, we were approached by a shady figure who introduce himself as Egmont Darius, steward to local landlord Gavin Ross, viscount Serrano. According to the words of this man, his master is willing to assist us (newcomers and obviously war refugees) in our quest and provide with financial resources to keep on going. In exchange for a small favor, of course. 'And don't be surprised we know so much of you, - he said. - Being aware of people arriving and leaving Elry is part of our job'.

Anyway, the task at hand involves searching and making contact with certain people (list included) who at various points of time received considerate help from lord Serrano (both in money and services) and are now expected to provide something specific in return. Details aside, it is appropriate for said people to be approached by someone they have never met before - less chances for them to run away, pick a fight, or perform other equally silly stuff. 'Of course, no illegal acts are required on your part. You simply talk to people and then inform me of their response and possible whereabouts'.

We are not particularly fond of being neither sniffers, nor collectors, the Darius person does not give the impression of an honest man, but there is certain sense in his words. Besides, we have zero contacts in the city, ran out of money and bright ideas, and are currently in dire need of any job. Which is exactly what we were offered. Doubts aside, consent is given, job is taken. The city awaits us.


There were some troubles convincing the people to pay their debts to lord Serrano. In fact, none of them seemed to be too impressed or intimidated by our performance, stating they now have a powerful patron for their operations (whatever these might be). Some other 'local landlord' who goes by the name of Peter, baron Wellington (seems like there more aristocrates than commoners in this small town). So we return empty-handed, to say the least. Anyway, no one hired us to kill the folk or beat the hell out of them - the job is technically done.

With that in mind, we arrived at said time to Serrano manor hoping to receive our hard-earned pay. The smiling face of Egmont met us there, being already aware of our endeavour and preparing a meeting with Gavin Ross in order to discuss future long-term partnership. All signs of being dragged into some criminal activity are there - no 'well-respected person' remains clean at these troubled times. Nevertheless, the options are limited at the moment - we can at least hear the man out. And then decide what to do.

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Close Call
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