1.03 Territorial Struggle

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1.03 Territorial Struggle
Close Call
Level: 1
Initial timer: 30
Dynamic locations: Regular
Reward: Improve Skill

Our previous job was done well, so lord Serrano now requires more of our services. As situation grows serious, he needs someone to make a statement to his recent rival, baron Wellington. Ideally, someone of little importance, such as ourselves. Unsure where this will lead, we agree nonetheless.


Viscount Serrano turned out to be a well-mannered intelligent man (as much as criminal mastermind may be these days) - the kind of person you'd rather be on a good side of. After rewarding us for the job well-done he desired to know the details - every last bit of them. Not that there was much to talk about, anyway. Each of the met persons mentioned something about a different master - thus viscount learned they are under his competitor now. Baron Peter Wellington, former military officer who received title as a reward for brilliant actions during the War and settled nearby. Pleasant neighbor at first, he gradually started to lay hold of Serrano's well-established enterprises, quickly turning into powerful competitor and the biggest pain in the neck. His authority among the military (which local city guards like to consider themselves as well), rich connections and cunning mind made him a power to be reckoned with. Even though lord Serrano made several attempts to reach some kind of an agreement (judging by hs own words), he could not reason with impulsive baron, which eventually led to breaking any form of communication between the two.

The latest Wellington's affair (to which we became unwilling witnesses) really crossed the line. Apparently, the people we were searching for were of great importance to lord Serrano. Now he wants us to confront Baron's henchmen and make a clear statement that he is going to tolerate such attitude no longer. Force should be used, if needed. Reluctantly we agree to do the job, hoping it would not come to that.


As it was not so difficult to imagine, lord Serrano was not pleased to hear the results of our small endeavor. Against his deepest hopes, baron Wellington remained unreasonable and obstinate - just as he was from the very beginning. Even the now inevitable perspective of a full-fledged confrontation did not make him change his recent course of action. 'So be it! - said Gavin irritably, - I'm tired of being nice to this stubborn mule. If it's the fight he wants, then that's the fight he gets!'

Next, sir Roderick DuPont, chief of viscount's security, was summoned and they talked till the late night, discussing some strategy, logistics, recruitment and whoever knows what crazy amount of other things - we were not that much interested in this stuff anyway. It was an awfully long day, all we wanted in the end was some tasty meal and a warm bed to dive into without any delay. Luckily for us, not only were we handsomely rewarded for our services, lord Serrano even allowed us to spend the night at his mansion, hinting on the fact that he may require our assistance once more.

And so it happened, that while we were accompanied to the guest wing by the ever-present Darius, we started thinking that maybe this Gavin person is not so bad after all. Finally, after spending countless days in totally inhuman conditions, our lives have taken a turn for the best.

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Dynamic locations

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Close Call
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