1.04 Escalating Confrontation

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1.04 Escalating Confrontation
Close Call
Level: 1
Initial timer: 30
Dynamic locations: Regular - 2
Reward: Increase Limit

It actually came to this. Viscount Serrano is launching a full-fledged assault on his enemy, Peter Wellington. This time he gathers a considerable force, which we neither want nor required to be a part of. There is a job for us as well, though, and as big players fight their big wars, we simply try to get whatever benefit we can from this whole situation.


At dawn we were summoned to the meeting room again. Everyone was already there: DuPont, Darius, the viscount himself along with many other unfamiliar faces - they were discussing some plans for today. Even though we arrived late, still it does not take to be a genius to realize what they were planning to do. A full-fledges assault on Wellington's properties was about to take place within few hours. A terrifying prospect, to think about it, but lord Serrano has already made up his mind long time ago, so there is nothing to make him reconsider. Surely, he is guided by righteous wrath against brazen upstart who overtook the turf his family was overseeing for generations. We can relate to that. But military warfare within city borders is not the type of activity we would agree to get ourselves into, so we refuse categorically to take any part in what is about to happen. Lord Serrano seems to understand our standpoint and does not press the matter. In the end, he has enough of his own manpower to perform necessary operations. Nevertheless, he has an offer for us as well. Since we have proved the ability to not attract unwanted attention, he wants us to cover the perimeter - stay nearby, while his main forces confront baron's defences. If someone is to break free from the clutches of advancing troops and try to escape the city, we need to intercept and capture them for the time being. Should not be too hard to do, actually, since viscount is confident in his success and does not expect for our services to be of any need at all.

We want to reject at first. There is something unnerving about this whole arrangement. The fact that lord Serrano still wants us by his side, even though there is no chance we can help him with anything anymore, makes us a bit uncomfortable, even though everything else seems to be in order. Anyway, the next few hours are about to alert the entire city - it won't be possible to stay aside. So it is better for us to stick to the winning side and share the victory benefits, than to be caught in occasional crossfire and get hurt. Besides, we do not intend to be involved in any serious confrontation - if at some point the opposing force proves to be more than we are able to comprehend, we would back off and hide in the shadows - in the end, this is exactly what viscount thinks we are especially good at.


It has finally reached the end. After many hours of tiresome battles, Serrano forces breached the line of defense and made their opponent seek shelter in the secluded area with no escape routes. The whole operation went surprisingly easy. We imagined that skillful War veteran would put a much bigger fight. Probably, swift nature of viscount's assault, good battleground knowledge, as well as brilliant strategic planning played their vital part. As more and more people gather near the entrance to the inconspicuous hideout where baron Wellington barricaded himself with his closest circle, and sir Roderick arrives at the scene, it becomes crystal clear what is about to happen. Luckily, no one pays any attention to our presence and we hurry to up to get as far as possible from the place. Whatever the outcome, Wellington definitely brought this on himself. Besides, we did our part responsibly and deserve a good reward.

This is not what troubles us though. As we cover more and more distance, we keep returning to the incident happened to us while we were investigating one of the dark alleys around baron's hideout. There was this strange woman, the one you least expect to meet in such places. She appeared out of nowhere dressed in all black, hiding her face and trying to quickly pass through. After we caught a short glimpse of her face, something stroke us from the inside. This woman seemed oddly familiar, as if we knew her for a long time, and judging by her actions, we are known to her as well. But just as we tried to come closer, she disappeared in a bright flash of light, leaving us stunned and gasping for air. Who was this woman? Was it a mere coincidence to meet her all of a sudden? Was it even for real? So many questions, so little answers...

Anyway, this is not the time and place to wrap our heads around it. There will be plenty of opportunities next morning.

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Close Call
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