1.05 Outlaws

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1.05 Outlaws
Close Call
Level: 1
Initial timer: 25
Dynamic locations: Regular - 2
Reward: Learn Skill

Just as we were hoping for a fresh new start in Elry, everything went horribly wrong. Instead of respected Asmus citizens we turned into dangerous wanted criminals. Now we have to escape the city as quickly as possible, or risk spending the rest of our lives in prison. And we are not going back to prison.


After disposing of his adversary, viscount Serrano ceased any contact with us. Egmont Darius was nowhere to be seen and we found Serrano manor surrounded by guards patrolling day and night in vast numbers - no point to even try to pass through them. Confused and disappointed we return to the inn, hoping to get some rest and ruminate on what to do next. Just as we passed a tattoo salon we noticed a fresh wanted poster: 'By the decree of mayor Danator, the following people are accused of first-class murder, arson, multiple acts of banditry, massive civil disorder. If you have any information about whereabouts of these dangerous criminals, please report immediately to the nearest guard post...'

The scale of the commotion is truly mind-blowing. Mayor himself released a decree, chief Duncan Blake personally assigned to the task. High monetary rewards for any help provided. And below all of this... our smiling faces so detailed as if the professional painter was sitting in front. All this time, all these obvious hints, and we could not recognize the simplest affair. Suddenly, it all became very clear to us. We must escape immediately!


After exhausting day of constant chasing round the city, after playing hide-and-seek with the entirety of Elry guard, after rough confrontations with elite forces and Chief Blake himself, we have finally managed to break free from the crushing grasp and leave the city borders. We are out on the open now: with no money, no resources, no people we can trust and no place to stick to. We should quickly devise some smart plan, otherwise our unexpected luck might not last long.

It is actually a miracle we managed to get away relatively unscathed. The city guard with all its bright heroes and vast resources proved to be an adversary unlike anyone we have ever faced before. They came at us from all directions, with all of their overwhelming might, leaving us no place for maneuver, no time to take a breath. At some point, when the attack was the fiercest, we lost the last bits of hope for survival and were about to surrender. The one tiny thing kept us from that fatal step - should we have given ourselves to the justice, the justice would have sentenced us to immediate execution. Without mercy, without chances for mitigation. It is said that when a wounded animal is cornered and has no means of escape, it will fight relentlessly until the very last breath. This is exactly what they made us, and this was their only mistake, which let us break through.

Now - even though for a brief period of time - we stand victorious. But what does this victory make us? Criminals? Murderers? Damn it! A mere week of freedom, and that's where we end up. Just as we thought that all the troubles were left behind, we have thrown ourselves in a mess so deep, that it would be nearly impossible to ever come back to a normal life... Not that we have time to think about this anyway. The rest is over, we should move on without any more delays.

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Close Call
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