1.06 Out on the Countryside

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1.06 Out on the Countryside
Close Call
Level: 1
Initial timer: 30
Dynamic locations: Regular
Reward: Gain Die

We fought our way through city defenses, managed to escape Elry. Now we are headed towards Boldery, hoping to get lost in a big city. Our path lies through countryside and some settlements along the way. There may be a chase after us, which we must get rid of somehow.


We managed to escape, but it is too early to relax. City guards were fooled, but not for long - eventually, they will recover and resume their pursuit. Being outwitted by a bunch of foreigners, Blake is bound to take the matter very seriously. Come on, this man is a local legend - his tenacious attitude towards his work is known wide throughout the region. We can't possibly hope to easily get away from his tight grasp. We may have won the first bout, but the fight is far from over - it will take a very little time for our opponents to regroup and begin the chase. And so we must prepare for what is about to happen.

Blake's advantages are: huge force under his control, knowledge of the terrain and enormous experience in operations like this. He also expects our next move, which is to try to reach Boldery - nearest large city - and get lost in the crowd. Our only advantage is a bit of time - but it would not last. Very soon the numerous search parties will start fine-combing the area. Encounters are inevitable, there is no possibility to hide or outrun them. And so the only choice we have left is to stand our ground and fight. And make sure that however badly the events might turn out, none of our pursuers are able to escape and report back. No matter what.


It all went exactly as we predicted. A mere hour has passed and we already started noticing the signs of the chase. Several scouting parties were dispatched to intercept dangerous criminals (us). We believe, some of them went into different directions, but the majority correctly discerned our disposition, quickly covered the needed distance and started pinching us from both sides like the professionals they were. There was a flaw in their tactics though, as we expected for such skillful trackers to cause much less noise. It is possible that the order came so quickly they did not have enough time to thoroughly prepare for the action. Whatever the case, we are getting used to seizing every opportunity (however rare) which come our way.

We picked them one by one - probably a smart approach against the opponent who has numerical advantage. Knowing that no matter what we do we won't be able to stay as silent as our pursuers, we tried to close in quickly, making a furious lightning-like attack and immediately backing out before their companions approach with a counter measure. This trick allowed us to get rid of the first few groups, but proved its inefficiency once the opponents got smarter. Now it was us who started counting losses: first we lost our speed, then we lost a moment of surprise, and in the end the odds became stacked in scouts' favor, due to the better knowledge of terrain. But we've already been there. No matter the odds, our extraordinary will to live and fight on made us the victors in the end.

As for our unlucky opponents: too bad it had to come this way. But they were the ones to start this nonsense. We wanted no confrontation, no fight, yet they insisted. And since it was the beating they wanted - then the beating they got aplenty. We have nothing to be sorry about. Nor do we have any particular joy after what happenned. We still have a goal and it is still beyond our reach. Only time will tell how well we thread on the steep road that lies ahead.

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Close Call
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