1.08 Suburbia

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1.08 Suburbia
Close Call
Level: 1
Initial timer: 30
Dynamic locations: heroes / 2 + 1
Reward: Improve Skill

After long and perilous journey we have finally reached the outskirts of Boldery. Since we can not allow to be seen by local guards, we must find a sneaky way to pass beyond the wall - only there we may feel relatively safe. In order to do that, we must seek help from local inhabitants - the first step is to look around for sources of information. There is a number of places we may visit, so we better start right away.


Even though it took quite some time and our best efforts, we have finally reached the city of Boldery. Well, at least the suburbs of it, where low-life districts are located. It would require much more cunning and skill to proceed any further.

Boldery is not your regular little town - this city is huge, largely populated and heavily guarded - kind of a fortress designed to withstand a continuous siege, should the need arise. There is a large stone wall towering on the horizon with dark entrance passages here and there, but we can not hope to pass through them. As soon as we approach the guard post, we would undoubtedly be asked a lot of inconvenient questions. Like, who we are, where are we from, what business do we have in the city - and there are not many answers we are able to provide. Meeting a group of foreigners without documents and any valid background will raise the adequate suspicion. Moreover, local guards may have already received the note from Elry, so the suspicion doubles. There is no chance to deal with the issue head on, so we should exercise a more subtle approach.

While we are still here, in the suburban area, we should walk around and gather some information. Make new acquaintances, ask questions here and there - the stuff people usually do when they need something but do not know where to start. Even though the outskirts of Boldery are poor and undeveloped, there is still plenty of establishments to hang out for a while. There is absolutely no way local folk has no idea on how to effectively sneak out behind the wall - we just need to stumble upon the right people. No need to rush with this task - making incorrect moves may cost us dearly.


Spending the entire day in careful exploration, casually walking around town, visiting stores and markets, participating in dubious activities, drinking off our last savings in bars and taverns, talking to random people and asking abstract questions - gathering information more meticulously than gold miners searhing for tiniest bits of precious metal, we had a huge success. Not that huge in global terms, of course, but comparing to the bright perspective of spending yet another day on the outskirts of the city, drawing too much unwanted attention, basically inviting the law enforcement agencies to start asking questions - well, comparing to this, we definitely had a good luck.

Long desperate searches brought us together with a man named Cezaro Cassi, who is said to be just the right person to turn to when you need something (or someone) smuggled behind the city walls. We are not exactly sure who he is - most probably a local gang member, but he appears to have some connections to the city guard, and we are not in a position to act particularly picky. He promised to get us though the gate and he kept his promise - let's give him that, at least. Besides, for a bunch of wanted criminals any help should be considered a blessing.

So we have everything settled. Today at dusk we meet with the guy and he provides us with the needed documents - fake, of course, but legal enough to pass through the customs. If we understand anything in this life, then we know how this happens: there is a trusted person working in the organization (maybe even more than one), who provides our benefactor with the required services. It takes a lot of nerve, to say the truth, as government officials (especially law enforcement) do not stand kindly to bribery and corruption.

Anyway, this is none of our business - tomorrow we make our move. To Boldery.

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Close Call
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