1.10 She Again!

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1.10 She Again!
Close Call
Level: 1
Initial timer: 30
Dynamic locations: Regular + 1
Reward: Increase Hand Size

Just as we dealt with all of our troubles and started getting used to a peaceful time in Boldery, the life hit us with another jolt. One of the figures from the past we thought was left behind is right here, watching our every move with the intentions only God knows about. If we ever wish to walk the city streets without constantly looking around in fear, we should learn the reasons for this constant snooping and deal with it once and for all.


Life in Boldery began to take its course. We managed to settle down our quarrels with city guards (by paying appropriate sums to certain people) and crime members (by the same means) and finally started a quiet peaceful life - exactly the thing we desperately wanted for the last couple of years. Bribes and fees consumed the majority of money left after our little Hampstead hustle, but that's alright. We found a job at a local grocery store - hauling bags and crates from one place to another. Not exactly the career of a dream (besides, it paid a pittance), but will suffice for starters - our requests are pretty humble right now. The less attention we draw to ourselves, the less trouble we get in the nearest future.

A week passed, clouds dissolved from the horizon and we really started thinking about settling in Boldery for good: parting ways with one another, finding better jobs, places to live (not that cheap hotel we rented rooms in) and maybe (who knows) - even start families. Unfortunately, our dreams shattered in an instant one sunny day.

As we were working one of our daily shifts, we noticed a strangely familiar figure watching us from across the street. He stayed close to shadows and tried to look as unsuspicious as possible, - rather effectively, by the way - but long days of being on the run taught us well to stay vigilant all the time. Whoever this person was, he clearly had interest in us, and as soon as we noticed his presence, the sinister realization hit us - the eery feeling of being watched all the time since our arrival to Boldery was caused not by apprehension of being chased - it actually had a reason. And now this reason was standing over there, right across the street, immediately reminding us of all the fears we were desperately trying to forget. Even though his intentions are unclear at the moment, the one thing is obvious - we would not be safe until we deal with him.

Why do we keep saying 'him'? This person is a woman, no doubts about that - the very same woman we accidentally stumbled upon in Elry. And she is following us again - just as she did back then. Was it a mere coincidence, does not matter at the moment - it's time to get down with this nonsense once and for all. She is not getting away this time!


She tried to pull her trick on us again. Futile, as this time we came prepared. As dust and smoke from the explosion settled down, we could clearly see a blurred shadow running down the alley. She was heading towards the city square (probably with an intention to dissolve in the crowd), so we wasted not a single moment. Two seconds later the chase began.

Right from the start we realized our athletic development was no match for that of hers. If she had just cared less about moving as quiet and stealthy as possible, we wouldn't have had a single chance. Was it the risk of drawing too much attention, a latent injury, or just a bad habit of being subtle in everything she does - didn't matter at the time. We were constantly catching up, until eventually got her cornered in one of the less populated areas. Several houses were standing on the way, forming a wide arc across the street - this is where pace had to be slowed down. Having nowhere left to run, the woman tried to hide in one of the buildings - an old-looking shack with ragged roof and shabby walls. Apparently uninhabited. Without hesitation she skipped inside, not bothering herself with locking the door. We followed.

The interior hit with sudden darkness, making us delay for a couple of seconds. This is what the woman probably hoped for, as only large empty room appeared before our eyes, once they adapted properly for the unexpected lack of lighting. Not for long, though. As we ventured further inside the room, the dark silhouette was standing right there - exuding overt danger, fully prepared to face us head on...

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Dynamic locations

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Close Call
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