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Duncan Blake is the only son of renowned general William Blake, who is considered a national hero (post mortem) of Asmus Republic. Since the early years young Duncan knew that he is to be a soldier - just like his famous father, whom he greatly admired and deeply feared. He went to the military school, then graduated the Academy (with honor) and assumed position as an intelligence officer in the army (trying to stay close but at the same time at the distance from his father's affairs). During the War he served under the command of brilliant counterspy Felix Grant where he gained invaluable knowledge and experience.

After William Blake valiantly died on the battlefield along with his entire division, Duncan was deeply shocked and after a while left the military to join civil service. His extraordinary skills helped him become the lead investigator of Greyholm Area, able to solve even the most mysterious cases. Not long after that he became a chief of the city guard. The professional team he assembled in Elry, is considered to be one of the best in the country. We have no chance to stand against them.

Encounter with Chief Blake can not be avoided.

Modifiers can not be applied to Chief Blake.

When dealing damage, Chief Blake makes hero discard all dice from hand.

When Chief Blake is defeated, hero may attempt to close current location.