Horace Birke

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Horace Birke has always been good friends with Peter Wellington, fighting alongside during the War, sharing all the hardships of military life and managing to survive till the very end, despite being heavily wounded and nearly dying on the field. When Peter was awarded the title and settled in Elry, his friend Birke (promoted to the rank of colonel for his courage and outstanding service) was still recovering on the hospital bed. When he finally got better, it became obvious his military career was over. After retirement Birke went to his old friend - to happily live the rest of his days as the head of baron's security.

Despite his age and current condition, Horace is still a formidable adversary and should not be taken lightly.

Horace Birke has a +3 modifier.

When encountered, Horace Birke makes hero hide 1 die back to his bag.

When Horace Birke is defeated, hero may attempt to close current location.