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Master of stealth, tracking and quick subtle action. Spends most of his time alone out in a wilderness, thus is not a very social guy. However, over the years he developed skills for communicating with animals and understanding the wild life.

Initial hand size: 5

Maximal hand size: 7


Die type Starting amount Maximal Amount Variation Starting dice
PHYSICAL 3 5 +2 d4 d4 d4
SOMATIC 7 11 +4 d6 d6 d4 d4 d4 d4 d4
MENTAL 4 7 +3 d6 d4 d4 d4
VERBAL 1 2 +1 d4

Favored die type: SOMATIC

Initial skills

Name Description
SHOOT Hide SOMATIC die to deal dX+lvl-1 physical damage as a battle check. Discard the die instead to get additional +2.
EVASION Discard SOMATIC die and hide either PHYSICAL, SOMATIC or MENTAL die to reduce incoming damage by min.dX+lvl.
STEALTH Hide SOMATIC or MENTAL die and perform dX+lvl×2+1 check against encountered die to evade the encounter.
READ TRACES (1) Hide SOMATIC and either MENTAL or VERBAL dice to explore current location.
SURVIVALIST Each check to defeat an OBSTACLE has +lvl modifier.

Dormant skills

Name Description
VOLLEY Hide SOMATIC die to deal dX+lvl-2 physical damage as a battle check. If check failed, you may hide additional SOMATIC or PHYSICAL die to re-roll.
COVER FIRE Hide SOMATIC and PHYSICAL dice to deal avg.dX+lvl physical damage as a battle check of the hero at another location. If failed, damage is dealt to original hero.
LAY TRAP Discard MENTAL die and hide SOMATIC die to explore location. If ENEMY or VILLAIN encountered, it receives negative min.dX+lvl×2-1 modifier. Can also be used before exploration of other hero at the same location.
SELF BANDAGE Hide PHYSICAL, SOMATIC and MENTAL dice to take min.dX+lvl-1 dice from discard pile and put them back into bag.
ORIENTEERING If current location is open and has no VILLAIN, deter MENTAL die and discard PHYSICAL, SOMATIC or another MENTAL die to roll avg.dX+lvl as a check to close this location. Hero can no longer explore this turn.

Hero classes
Brawler Hunter Mystic Prophet Mentor