Interlude - Hello There

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Greyholm area
10:30 in the morning

We have finally managed to get rid of the chase. It should be much safer from now on.

The bad thing is that we have no idea where we finally ended up.

And what to do next.

Hero 1: "So, where should we go?"

Hero 2: "We already agreed upon going to Boldery. I'd say we stick to the plan."

Hero 3: "Isn't it where Blake would expect us to go? He may have already sent a message. We could be going straight into a trap."

Hero 2: "We have not so many options, don't we? We obviously can't turn back. And there are not too many other settlements around these parts."

Hero 2: "Besides, anywhere we go there could be a trap. Unless it is some God forsaken village in the far reaches of the country."

Hero 1: "Asmus is not the only country, you know..."

Hero 2: "Yeah, right. Let's go home, why not? Except, there is no home anymore, in case you haven't noticed."

There was an awkward silence for some time.

Hero 2: "Or we can go straight to Estrella and say: 'Here, we've killed several Asmus guards'. They may even reward us."

Hero 2: "Before sending to another mine."

Hero 5: "I am not going back to the mine."

Hero 4: "Neither do I."

After another half an hour of arguments, we finally agreed to continue our way.

Among the large cities of Greyholm area Boldery is the closest - there is a road leading straight to it.

Even so, it would take several days to reach it afoot.

Hero 3: "There is a river up ahead. And a small settlement across the bridge. Looks like some kind of a river port."

Hero 4: "That's great. We may be able to catch a bus there."

Hero 4: "Let's hurry up."

40 minutes later

We have finally arrived at the town entrance.

Everything went easy at first, but as we were crossing the bridge people started gathering around us.

Guards, dock workers, random passersby from the streets - it seems like they noticed our approach long time ago and were patiently waiting for us to come closer.

And now they are standing on the way, with no change for us to pass through.

Man: to "Hello there."

One of the men steps forward. He does not possess any distinctive features, yet immediately gives the impression of the one being in charge.

Hero 4: "Good day to you. What's your deal?"

Man: "Oh, nothing in particular. I don't think we've ever met before."

Hero 1: "So what?"

The man squinted suspiciously.

Man: "See, there are not many new faces around here. So as soon as you arrived, our friend Boris wanted to take a closer look."

Man: "Right, Boris?"

There is a huge bald man standing to the right. His skin is covered in ugly scars. His only eye glances at us unkindly.

Boris: "Newcomers? I hate newcomers."

Man: "Boris, Boris... Where are your manners? Let me introduce ourselves."

Man: "My name is Ezra Granov, I am the big boss of this place. And these fine people are my loyal employees."

The people around us look anything but fine.

Hero 3: "The boss, you say? So, are you some kind of a mayor?"

Granov: "What? Oh, no. There are no mayors in Hampstead."

Boris: "Mayors? I hate mayors."

Granov: "We have a progressive little town here. The authority system is kinda... innovative as well."

Granov: "See, the only purpose of Hampstead is to service a river port. Cargo travels up and down all day long - it's good money, you know."

Granov: "And whoever owns the business, owns everything around here."

We've seen this kind before. Small criminal gangs overtaking the major business operation. Higher authorities rarely bother of who is actually in charge - as long as certain people keep receiving certain payments on a regular basis.

Hero 2: "I'm flattered you came all the way to greet us in person. Now let us pass, will you. We're in a hurry."

It was probably not a good idea to pick up a fight right from the start.

Though it was coming to this anyway.

Granov: "Not so fast, my dear friends. Why the rush?"

Granov: "See, we've all gathered here to demonstrate our famous hospitality. Seeing that you are not from around here and all that..."

Granov: "We would greatly appreciate if you show us some gratitude in return. Exclusively on a voluntary basis, of course..."

The circle of people begins to tighten around us. This stupid game we play is finally reaching its expected conclusion.

Hero 4: "We'd love to, but we really have nothing to help you with."

Hero 1: "We've come from afar and have already spent all of our savings."

Hero 2: "Beggars? I hate beggars."

Hero 5: "Look, we don't need any trouble. All we want is to take a bus and be on our way."

Granov: "That's unfortunate..."

Granov: "In this case you will have to stay a little longer, I'm afraid."

Granov: "We are a small community in desperate need of free hands. I'm sure you'd become a valuable part of it."

So this is what it is all about.

Hero 2: "This is not going to happen."

Granov: "Oh, this is not for you to decide."

Granov: "Guys, take them!"

Even though we were instinctively prepared for such turn of events, it all happened too quickly nevertheless.

We were greatly outnumbered and completely surrounded. There was absolutely nothing we could do.

Granov: "Good..."

Granov: "Take our guests to the warehouse for the time being. We'll talk to them later."

Granov: "And tell senor Usher I'd like to meet him right away."

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