Kai Molnar

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Serif Molnar is a prosperous merchant from Ortholan Confederation, particularly Desna region, famous for its jewels and precious metals. Originating from an old negotiant family, it was only natural for him to quickly grasp the knowledge of his ancestors and begin making massive profits out of it.

The common annual trading route of Molnar's caravan lies through the city of Elry, where lord Serrano is more than eager to make a couple of beneficial deals. Strangely enough, he was flatly denied this time around, without any obvious reason. Something is definitely not right.

When Kai Molnar is defeated, hero adds random PHYSICAL, SOMATIC, MENTAL or VERBAL die to his bag.

When Kai Molnar is defeated, scenario timer is increased by 1.

When Kai Molnar is defeated, hero may attempt to close current location.