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A cunning mastermind who is used to manipulating others for his personal gain. Extremely charismatic and convincing, has lots of allies by his side willing to do his bidding for various reasons.

Initial hand size: 4

Maximal hand size: 6


Die type Starting amount Maximal Amount Variation Starting dice
MENTAL 4 6 +2 d4 d4 d4 d4
VERBAL 6 10 +4 d6 d6 d4 d4 d4 d4
DIVINE 2 3 +1 d4 d4
ALLY 3 6 +3 d6 d4 d4

Favored die type: VERBAL

Initial skills

Name Description
NEGOTIATION Hide VERBAL die and roll dX+lvl×2 against ENEMY or VILLAIN to evade the encounter. Discard die instead to add +3 to the check.
RECRUITMENT Hide VERBAL or MENTAL die to perform dX+lvl check to acquire ALLY. Discard the die instead to add +2 to the check.
SUMMON Before exploration, hide VERBAL die to draw lvl dice from the bag.
INSPIRER All checks done with ALLY dice have +lvl modifier.
PAST EXPERIENCE Discard MENTAL die to take lvl+1 VERBAL dice from discard pile and return them back to bag.

Dormant skills

Name Description
RESUSCITATION Hide DIVINE die to take ALLY die from discard pile and roll dX+lvl+2 against in to put it back to bag. Discard the die instead to pick two dice, roll against the smallest to put them both to bag.
GOOD ADVICE Hide VERBAL and MENTAL die to add min.dX-3+lvl modifier to checks of other hero at the same location.
EXPENDABLES Draw die from current location bag. If it is an ENEMY or an OBSTACLE, deter ALLY die to pass dX+lvl×2+2 check and remove encountered die. If some other die encountered, put it back to bag and hide an ALLY.
YOU FIRST Discard ALLY die to reduce incoming damage by (dX+lvl)/2 (rounded down).
ERRAND (1) During other hero's turn, hide VERBAL, DIVINE or ALLY die to give this hero any dice from the hand.

Hero classes
Brawler Hunter Mystic Prophet Mentor