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An otherworldly spiritual preacher who is guided by the God’s will. Has a lot of followers but does not rely neither on allies nor on personal traits - only on divine power acting through him.

Initial hand size: 5

Maximal hand size: 7


Die type Starting amount Maximal Amount Variation Starting dice
PHYSICAL 2 3 +1 d4 d4
MENTAL 4 6 +2 d4 d4 d4 d4
VERBAL 4 7 +3 d6 d4 d4 d4
DIVINE 5 9 +4 d6 d6 d4 d4 d4

Favored die type: DIVINE

Initial skills

Name Description
HOLY LIGHT Discard DIVINE die and hide PHYSICAL or MENTAL or VERBAL die to deal avg.dX+lvl×2-1 magical damage as a battle check.
PRAYER Instead of exploration, take up to lvl×2 DIVINE dice from discard pile and return them to the bag.
SERMON Hide VERBAL die to roll dX+lvl against ALLY die to acquire it. Discard it instead to get additional +2.
DIVINE AID (1) Discard DIVINE dice instead of deterring them when acquiring new dice or closing locations.
HEAL Discard DIVINE die and hide MENTAL or VERBAL die to take min.dX+lvl-1 dice from the discard pile of any hero at the same location and put them back into his bag.

Dormant skills

Name Description
FORESIGHT Hide MENTAL die to draw from location bag. If the die is not a VILLAIN, you may discard DIVINE die and roll dX+lvl+2 against it to remove it from bag.
BLESSING Before exploration, hide DIVINE and VERBAL dice to add min.dX+lvl×2-2 modifier to any check of any hero at any location.
DISCIPLINE Discard PHYSICAL die to roll dX+lvl against any WOUND in hand. If successful, remove the WOUND.
LORD'S GRACE Draw die from the bag. If it is DIVINE, add new DIVINE die of size d(lvl×2+2) to the hand. If not, discard the die which was drawn. Can not be used if only DIVINE dice are left in the bag.
CELESTIAL OMEN Deter two DIVINE dice to increase scenario timer by avg.dX+lvl-2.

Hero classes
Brawler Hunter Mystic Prophet Mentor