1.07 Trolls under the Bridge

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1.07 Trolls under the Bridge
Close Call
Level: 1
Initial timer: 30
Dynamic locations: Regular - 1
Reward: Increase Limit

Our path to Boldery lies through a small river settlement named Hampstead, where we hope to catch a passing bus. Unfortunately, this town is run by unfriendly gang of Ezra Granov, who is not eager to let us pass. We want no troubles with the locals, but it seems that they should be eliminated in order for us to proceed.


As the day went by, we came to our senses in some dark, secluded room. It was hard to distinguish anything at first, but as our eyes adapter to darkness, we started seeing some crates standing around. Quite soon we realized that our hands were firmly tied and we could not move a single bit. Besides, our minds were clouded by a great amount of sudden pain - as if someone was brutally hitting our unconscious bodies for the last couple of hours. Judging by the looks of the crowd we'd met outside, this was not so hard to believe in. We were taken to the early mentioned 'warehouse' - no doubts about that.

Whoever this Granov person is, he surely did a remarkable job taking over the river trade operation, as well as having the entire settlement under his control. It should prove to be quite a challenge to leave this place in one piece. Even though everyone seemed to forget about us, it is only a matter of time before some goons come to visit. Whatever their real intentions, things might get ugly pretty quick. The only chance we have is to somehow outsmart our opponents: cause a diversion, set up a trap, by all means get prepared to what is about to happen (while we still have time). So we sat there in silence trying to concentrate on what was happening outside. There were some indescernible noises, some muffled conversations - didn't look like a lot of people came around these parts too often. That's good - no one would hear us when we start tearing this place apart.

It took us a couple of minutes to untie ourselves - some important skills that you gain under extreme circumstances, stay with you for the rest of your life. Moving was hard (due to the consequences of unfortunate meeting with evil gangsters), but we proceeded to explore the interior. Empty wooden crates, large bags, lots of dust and awful smell. Long shelves with some junk disappearing in the distance - the place is larger than we first thought. Something useful can probably be found here, but not now. There is a clear sound of someones footsteps closing in from the outside - we are finally going to have some company. Quickly, without making too much noise, we take positions around the entrance. Whatever the odds, we won't be sitting here waiting for our doom. Instead, we will bring doom to anyone trying to stop us!


We made it. Against all odds, without too much expectation and with very little hope, we managed to come on top of our enemies. Ezra Granov, the mighty crime lord who controlled the entire settlement of crazy fanatics, now lies on the ground. Bleeding, moaning, crawling in the dust - he shows a pathetic sight. His wounds are deep, but not mortal, we are reluctant to put him out of his misery. Even though he brought this on himself and deserves to be smashed like a worm, we do not want and do not need his life.

His cash, however, will come in handy during our travels. During our little warfare, while hiding from heavy pursuit, we accidentally stumbled upon Granov's office - the place where he performed his illegal deeds. Ugly Boris was there - he proved to be a fearsome adversary and it took enormous effort to put him down. Over and over again he raised to his feet, charging at us with double the power and rage. He was like a mad dog, like a war machine: feeling no pain, no fear, refusing to back off, demonically obsessed with one simple thought - to rip his enemies to tiny pieces. Only when the last breath left his giant body, the attack stopped - even then we weren't particularly eager to come closer, fearing that he might jump at us any moment.

There was the third one - the sick psycho, madly in love with torturing his victims. He appeared to be smarter than his friends and ran off the moment the scales began to lean in our direction. That's alright - we would probably never see him ever again.

The other citizens posed a significant threat at first, but once their bosses were defeated, they quickly lost the will to fight and allowed us to leave Hampstead without further confrontation. Luckily, there was a bus coming at the very same time, so we did not have to stay any moment longer. The route led straight to Boldery, few lonely passengers didn't bother to pay attention to fellow travelers and the driver was too used to provide services to any contingent of lowlifes and vagabonds (as long as they posses enough money to pay for the trip), so nobody asked us any unwanted questions. Once the door closed behind us and the bus hit the road, we finally realized how good it is to be alive...

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Close Call
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