1.09 Through the Gate We Go

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1.09 Through the Gate We Go
Close Call
Level: 1
Initial timer: 30
Dynamic locations: Regular
Reward: Learn Skill

After incredible use of skill and cunning, we have managed to secure our safe passage to the city. But our problems are far from over - in fact, this is just the beginning. If we are to make sure our first visit to Boldery is not our last, we should be prepared to face the inevitable threat. And do it fast, trying to draw as little attention as possible.


Someone set us up (yeah, this happens). We could not have possibly hoped for our crazy endeavour to go down smoothly and painlessly. When dealing with crime structures and corrupted officials - or, more importantly, when being wanted outlaws, - we should always be prepared for hell to break loose any minute. As it did. Once we crossed the city border and went towards the customs office, the look on guards faces told us all. This was an elaborate trap, set with one specific purpose - to apprehend dangerous criminals and receive a significant monetary reward. Well, someone is about to get disappointed - as this prey might turn out to be a bit bigger than the hunter can manage.

The procedure went as expected at first. We were taken to a small room where the duty officer requested to see our documents. We were provided with counterfeit paperwork of outstanding quality which raised no suspicions at this point. Then the officer asked us a couple of standard questions (the answers were prepared in advance). Then a 'small entrance fee' was requested (which we gave without hesitation). After that two assistants searched our bags and clothes for any prohibited goods (we had none). Other goods were well documented - as this is out first visit to Boldery, the additional precautions should be made. We were instructed about the general rules of behavior during our stay (as if they differ from the rules of any other civilized city), as well as some restrictions applied to newcomers. And then... then things began to quickly go downhill.

One of the entrance guards burst into the room and started whispering something to the official's ear. He made such a meaningful stare in our direction that even an idiot would have guessed - something was terribly wrong. We noticed the other guards approaching us from the rear and decided to make the first move. That was the wise decision - first officer never knew what hit him. The moment of surprise gave us the needed advantage and allowed to quickly knock out the remaining guards. However, in doing so we made too much noise and now we can already hear other guards rushing to the aid.

Whoever this was who betrayed our trust - the crooks, the corrupts or the Cassi fella - does not matter at the moment. We should focus on leaving the office and finding a way to finally get out of this endless predicament.


Certain people caused us harm. Certain people had to pay. How easy can it be? We do not consider ourselves to be particularly vile or cruel, but once the people you entrust with the most valuable thing in your possession - your life and freedom - betray this trust, you have no other choice but to show them how wrong they were. And in the process you actually learn never to trust anyone. Sad story.

Luckily for us, we were overthinking things. The reason for the guards to chase us around the city was not due to someone finding out about the high bounty put on our heads back in Elry. If that was the case, we would still be running wildly from every single man, woman, child and dog. Without any hope to stay in the city longer than it is required to pack our bags and reach the nearest exit. And knowing the effort it took us to get in, leaving the borders unscathed would have been an entirely different story.

After spending endless months underground, without any hope, thinking that would be the end, it is fare for us to say that we are kinda used to misfortune. The concept has proved itself countless times: when we finally thought things were taking a turn for the better - knock-knock, here comes another trouble. And again. And yet again - kinda like a pattern. Naturally, when corrupt criminal scheme backfired at us, we considered it to be a part of a larger problem. In reality though, we were not the first to fall victim to the evil ploy - neither would we be the last. Even though the executioners received their deserved punishment, the real masterminds remained unharmed. It should be no problem for them to find another desperate goons to do the dirty work.

Anyway, this is of little concern to us. We have dealt with our personal problem, and whoever is still left standing would think twice before crossing our path again. Now, onto our initial plan: getting lost in a big city and making a start for the new life.

Static locations

Dynamic locations

Special rules

TODO: Special Rules


Pick one of each type until location count reached.

Ally skills

Close Call
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