Irate Janitor

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On the anger scale, first comes annoyed, then vexed, then irate. When someone gets irate, they're so mad that smoke comes out of their ears. An irate landlord might sell all his property to a competitor. An ungrateful child who forgot to thank his aunt for the birthday cake might get an irate letter from her. When mother is irate, it is best to stay out of her way and get busy cleaning the room.

And whatever we do at the moment, we should absolutely get the hell out of here when we see an irate janitor coming our way. No kidding here - this cleanness-driven maniac will clobber us to death with his mop, should we make the wrong move. So let's just don't.

Damage dealt by Irate Janitor is reduced by 2.

When undefeated, Irate Janitor forces hero to travel to another location.