Lieutenant Strom

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Old Griffin Strom was a city guard in Elry for his entire life. Starting from the very bottom, he gradually climbed his way up to becoming an officer - all thanks to self dedication and hard work. He was nothing out of ordinary, not partularly bright, but he did his job well, and superiors always like that. He was never recruited to the army during the course of the War - instead, he stayed behind in Elry to ensure its internal safety and civic order. Thugs, crooks, marauders, organized crime, public disturbances and open revolts - old Griffin has seen it all. His vast experience proved to be invaluable during the time of need. No wonder young Duncan Blake was more than eager to get such a valuable officer to his team once he became the chief.

Encounter with Lieutenant Strom can not be avoided.

When encountered, Lieutenant Strom deals 1 damage.

Lieutenant Strom has a +1 modifier.

When Lieutenant Strom is defeated, hero may attempt to close current location.