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Master of the arcane arts who spent his life gaining knowledge and performing marvelous experiments. Honestly believes there is no limit to what human mind can do and, as a result, neglects everything not relevant to his sphere of interests.

Initial hand size: 6

Maximal hand size: 8


Die type Starting amount Maximal Amount Variation Starting dice
PHYSICAL 2 4 +2 d4 d4
SOMATIC 2 4 +2 d4 d4
MENTAL 8 12 +4 d6 d6 d6 d4 d4 d4 d4 d4
VERBAL 3 5 +2 d4 d4 d4

Favored die type: MENTAL

Initial skills

Name Description
MAGIC BOLT Hide two MENTAL dice to deal min.dX+lvl+1 magical damage as a battle check. Discard one of them to deal max.dX+lvl-1 instead.
ELEMENTAL SHIELD Discard MENTAL die and hide another MENTAL or SOMATIC die to reduce magical damage dealt to self or to hero at the same location by avg.dX+lvl+2.
TELEPORT (1) Hide MENTAL die and either another MENTAL or VERBAL die to move to another location within reach.
MIND CONTROL Hide MENTAL die and VERBAL die to pass avg.dX+lvl check against ALLY in order to acquire it. Discard MENTAL die instead to pass max.dX+lvl+1.
CONCENTRATION Take PHYSICAL, SOMATIC and VERBAL dice, discard one of them and hide the rest to return 1 MENTAL die from discard pile to hand and another lvl×2-1 MENTAL dice to the bag.

Dormant skills

Name Description
WARP Discard MENTAL die and hide SOMATIC die to roll min.dX+lvl×2 against incoming damage. If successful, damage is reduced to zero.
INVIGORATE Before exploration, hide VERBAL and MENTAL dice to add min.dX+lvl modifier to checks of other hero at the same location to acquire die, close location or defeat an OBSTACLE.
INGENUITY Hide up to lvl×2+1 non-WOUND dice from hand to draw one less new dice from the bag.
CAUTERIZE Discard MENTAL die and hide PHYSICAL die to pass max.dX+lvl+1 check against WOUND in hand of any hero at the same location to remove it from hand.
DEVASTATION Discard MENTAL die and hide two other stat dice to deal max.dX+lvl×2+1 magical damage as a battle check. Each hero at location is dealt 1 magical damage.

Hero classes
Brawler Hunter Mystic Prophet Mentor