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''Year 1082''
{{center|''Year 1082''}}
The War was long and devastating.
The War was long and devastating.
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Yet the government does everything possible to return its citizens back to safety.
Yet the government does everything possible to return its citizens back to safety.
''DMZ, 15 miles from Asmus Republic border''
{{center|''DMZ, 15 miles from Asmus Republic border''}}
''6:00 dawn''
{{center|''6:00 dawn''}}
'''Mjr. Hughes:''' "What's the situation, captain?"
'''Mjr. Hughes:''' "What's the situation, captain?"

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Year 1082

The War was long and devastating.

Seven years of horror, death and destruction. This was a bloody massacre the world had never known before.

Out of eight countries who started the War only two remained. Terrified by the prospect of mutual annihilation, Kingdom of Estrella and Asmus Republic reluctantly agreed to cease hostilities and sign a truce. It was one of those wars where nobody wins in the end.

Two years passed since, but echoes of those times still haunt the land.

As government desperately tries to recover, half of the country remains in a mess. Local conflicts, hunger, poverty, banditry continue to damage the land. The decision is made to abandon areas which suffered the most and relocate surviving people and resources to other regions.

Not that there are much people and resources left...

Many were killed by enemy forces. Many died of illness and famine. Many were imprisoned and up to this moment their whereabouts remain unknown.

Yet the government does everything possible to return its citizens back to safety.

DMZ, 15 miles from Asmus Republic border
6:00 dawn

Mjr. Hughes: "What's the situation, captain?"

Cpt. Lamas: "Intelligence reports there is a small habitat half a mile ahead, sir. Looks like a prison camp of sorts."

Cpt. Lamas: "There are five militants guarding the perimeter. The rest must be hiding underground."

Mjr. Hughes: "Damn those Estrallians! How many prisoners are there?"

Cpt. Lamas: "Hard to tell, sir. Most of them are mining coal down in the shaft. It was impossible to scout without alerting the guards. Could be dozens of them."

Mjr. Hughes: "We will put an end to this one way or another."

Mjr. Hughes: "Snipers on positions! Squad leaders to me! Prepare the troops, we attack immediately!"

10 minutes later the first guard fell to the ground, shot from a distance.

Cpt. Lamas: "Charge!!!",

They never knew what hit them. Outer camp defence was swept away in mere minutes by the first mighty assault.

The rest of the bandits tried to regroup and put up a fight. But they were no match for the advancing forces.

It all ended within an hour.

The leader pack resisted the longest. Having good knowledge of underground passages and hiding places, they managed to barricade themselves and repel the onslaught for another hour.

Five soldiers were injured in the process.

After the fight dead bodies were dragged to the center, searched, documented and burnt to ashes. Not enough time for anything else - much more pressing matters were at hand.

Cpt. Lamas: "Good lord, what a mess...",

Luckily, no prisoners were harmed during the attack. Defenders were caught by surprise and didn't have the possibility to use their captives as a living shield (the thing major feared the most).

There were not too many anyway. Thirty people in the main hall, few individuals here and there. All male from 20 to 40 years old, mostly Asmus citizens.

The whole site was held in a disarray, as if bandits expected assault any moment. Yet, by the looks of it, the mine was operational for over a year. Hard to imagine how many poor souls met their end within its depths.

It could be put to good use later, but for now this will be it. Time to retreat, before Estellian scouts notice Asmus activity in demilitarized zone.

Sgt. Cross: "Sir! We found another group of prisoners locked in cages in the far end of the mine.",

Mjr. Hughes: "Who are they?",

Sgt. Cross: "Some Yivanians, sir.",

Mjr. Hughes: "Yivanians? Damn... We can't send them back to Yivan.",

Mjr. Hughes: "Get them out of there. Go fetch some food and clothes. Find a medic.",

Mjr. Hughes: "And bring me this Kole dude immediately!"